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Sabtu, Februari 16, 2008

National Silat Event

National Silat Event
Kangar, Perlis.

One of the biggest silat association in Malaysia - is celebrating its 41st anniversary with a number of special events.

The main event is highlighted as below:

Grand Performance - Silat Cekak Malaysia Demonstration
Date : 10th June 2007
Time: 5.00 pm- 7.00 pm
Participant: approx. 2000 Silat Cekak Martial Artist/Practicioners
Venue : Padang Majlis Perbandaran Kangar, Perlis

Before that, there will be a Silat Cekak 2007 Convocation Ceremony, Keynote Address by PSSCM YM Guru Utama-President Tuan Hj Ishak Itam (D.J.N), Silat Cekak Annual Dinner and PSSCM Annual General Meeting through the 9th and 10th of June accordingly.

In collaboration with Tourism Malaysia to co-celebrating the 50th Malaysia Merdeka Day with MalaysiaKu Gemilang as the theme, the tagline for the 41st Silat Cekak Malaysia annivesary would be 'Membina Bangsa Berbudaya' or 'Developing Cultured Nation'.

This event is suitable for the martial art lovers, self defence praticioners and it is good to bring the entire family to enjoy the spectacular silat event of the year.

So Perlis, here they come!


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