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Sabtu, Januari 29, 2011

Isnin, Januari 17, 2011

The Kansu Braves - The Chinese Muslim Troops


Dong was extremely anti-foreign, and gave full support to Cixi and the boxers. General Dong committed his Muslim troops to join the Boxers to attack the 8 nation alliance. They were put into the rear division, and attacked the legations relentlessly. The westerners called them the "10,000 Islamic rabble". Casualties suffered by the alliance at the hands of the Muslim troops were so high, that the United States Marine Corps was called in. A Japanese chancellor, Sugiyama Akira, and several westerners were shot to death by the Muslim braves. It was reported that the Muslim troops were going to wipe out the foreigners to return a golden age for China, and the Muslims repeatedly attacked *foreign churches, railways, and legations, before hostilities even started. The Muslim troops were armed with modern repeater rifles and artillery, and reportedly enthusiastic about going on the offensive and killing foreigners.

Another Muslim general, Ma Anliang, Tongling of Ho-Chou joined the Kansu braves in fighting the foreigners.

On June 18, Dong Fuxiang's troops stationed at Hunting park in southern Beijing, attacked Lang Fang. The forces included cavalry at 5,000 men, armed with the latest magazine rifles.

General Dong Fuxiang a muslim

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Rabu, Januari 12, 2011

Siam bukan Thai?

Etnik Siam di Malaysia dakwa berasal dari Mongolia

SIAM atau Thai? Bukankah ia membawa maksud serupa kerana kedua-duanya berasal daripada rumpun sama iaitu di negara jiran Thailand. Adakah masyarakat Siam di negara ini pendatang yang merantau masuk ke sini kerana pelbagai sebab, sama seperti beberapa etnik lain di Malaysia?

Tidak ramai, malah mungkin tidak ada sebenarnya yang membahaskan isu ini dengan kebanyakannya mengambil jalan mudah menggelar masyarakat Siam di negara ini sebagai pendatang dari Thailand meskipun realitinya sangat berbeza.

Berapa kerat sangat masyarakat di negara ini yang merujuk kepada sejarah bagi mengkelaskan sesiapa sebagai anak tempatan atau pendatang sedangkan realitinya, masyarakat Siam di negara ini mungkin menjadi waris terawal menjejak kaki di bumi Malaysia, mungkin juga lebih lama daripada masyarakat Melayu sendiri.

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Ahad, Januari 02, 2011

The Tragedy of the Euro - TTE


Unseen economic effects from the single Euro currency...

FROM WHERE did Europe’s recession come? asks David Howden, assistant professor of Economics at St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain for the Cobden Centre.

To listen to some commentators one would think that it came from nowhere. Indeed, the idea that a contagion is engulfing Europe – that one insolvent member state could cause innocent bystanders to fall – is so pervasive that its mere mention seems redundant. It is unfortunate that such a belief is prevalent as it ignores not only common usage of the English language, but also some very simple and relevant economic facts.

Like many economic phenomena, the important aspect is not what is seen and readily apparent. As Frédéric Bastiat was able to so cogently stress over 160 years ago, the crucial role for the economist is to discern the unseen economic effects.

*While it is all too easy to focus on European member states’ burgeoning public debts, widening credit default spreads, dwindling tax bases and climbing ranks of dissatisfied unemployed citizens, the hidden causes are what are needed to be assessed to correctly foresee a prosperous future. While it is increasingly becoming accepted that European governments spent more money than they had, and that the ECB held interest rates too low for far too long, the specific reasons why these events manifested remain largely shrouded in mystery.
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