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Selasa, Oktober 11, 2011

The Streets of the Seven Countries

This is a tribute to Jejak Warisan Jawi II expedition.
An expedition participated by a group of youngs Malaysian explorers that travelled to the seven countries of IndoChina. And the countries include Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Luang Prabang, China and Burma. It took them 22 days of heaven and hell, night and day, bone cracking journey through the hellish traffic of Cambodia, dusty roads of Laos, beaches of Viet Nam, hilly-holish roads of Luang Prabang, magnificent tunnels of China, that all together stretched up to approximately 10,000 km of snakey overland-journey dated back in May 2011 before safely making the home-run in June 2011.

All still photos were taken using Rollei 35

This is only the beginning...


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