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Rabu, November 10, 2010

Melayu sudah mula percaya kepada Book of Mormon?

Ada segelintir umat Melayu sudah mula percaya dan terpengaruh dengan kandungan the Book of Mormon. Jadi apa sebenarnya the Book of Mormon ini? Apa kandungan dan doktrinnya?

Doctrine Mormon about the lost tribe mengatakan Native Americans were the lost tribe, but DNA evidence shows that they came from North Asia, South Asia or basically China. It is conflicting with the Mormon teaching and theory about the lost tribe. It has been proven that the Native American were not the lost tribe.Ok fine.

And now, for some reason, there are Malays who claim that the lost tribe were actually the Malays. Ok fine, that's part of the research (no issue)

Therefore, I personally urge to those who claim the Malays were Israelite, to reveal themselves and let the Mormon scientist to do checking on them. Lets do DNA testing. Perhaps they are the one to be the first in line to help the Mormon Church in their research.

Hopefully, they who have made the claim that the Malays were Israelite won't mind with this urging. Let say, if proven that some of the Malays were originally Israelite, then, what next is to be done?

I personally, in my humble opinion, to urge any writer who made the claim to be honest with whatever you are trying to convey and the objective of your writing. Be honest.

Well maybe with your help, the Malays will have free access to Masjidil Aqsa in Jeruselem. Who knows?

Anyway, just go through video di atas ini terlebih dahulu. We'll ask more question later.

Thanks Mrs Rees for the link.

Realiti No 8 October 2010 was focusing on the issue of the Malay-Israelite relationship.


  1. DNA research has been done in UKM on random 86 malay males and it is found that all had about 27% of the mediterranean variant gene, only found in semitic people (i.e. arabs and jews).

    This does not mean that the malays are israelites, but it does show that we had crossed path with them sometime in history hence it shows in the genes.I have no further information about the lecturer who have done this test.

    There have been many theories regarding the origins of Malays, one of them and rather controversial too is that the Deutro Malays are descendants of Prophet Abraham and his wife Keturah. This theory needs more research though.

    Anyway, many regard the book of Mormon as a collection of old jewish text, or a book of history, and has nothing to do with divinity of any kind.

    And oh, I don't think any Malays would want to go to Jerusalem at times like this.

  2. I was made to understand that the Mormon Church "have the one of the best data bank of genealogies in the US"

    So if any you readers are Mormon researcher, you know where to find them - the claimant.


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