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Khamis, Disember 16, 2010

Wikileaks- What do I think?

1. What do you think of Wikileaks?
2. Is it wrong what they do?
3. Or do they keep governments honest?

Some points to ponder:

It is all about Amirican war policies on foreign land.
And it was based on promised made by Barrack Obama to bring back Amirican troops back form Iraq and Afghanistan.

As Obama promised a transparent government and to close Guantanamo prison (is it closed?)

Wikileaks is trying to shortened the war and pushing the President to keep his promises.

Espionage Act vs Freedom of Press
EA is about securing information from falling into the enemy hands but FP is a whistleblower of any wrong-doing of the government.

Greater good for spilling more blood?
The Army says Wikileaks will bring down their reputation, tarnish the government international relations, i.e by revealing tactic and technic of the army to masses.

They (the Army) says Wikileaks is satisfying it needs just to make a point.

Without Wikileaks, the army already spills blood and no sign of stopping. The main point is to stop the war and bring peace to the world.

And I think the American-Hollywood movies revealed a lot more tactic and technic than Wikileaks.

In fact some of the movies were not honest too, Blackhawk Down for example, it was ASKAR MELAYU DIRAJA who helped the trapped and helpless Amirican Army in Somalia and not the Pakistani.

Just to be a better citizen/patriotic than keeping their mouth shut- By telling the truth surely, it will risk personal freedom.
E.g: Bradely Manning was an army intelligent analyst, imprisoned for leaking a video showing Amirican helicopters killing innocent people in Baghdad.

Therefore my honest answer would be:
1. Wikileaks is not a new method of relaying information, it is how the press should act in doing their works (but with reliable source and veracity)
2. Yes they are wrong to the eyes of the wrongdoers.
3. No they don't keep the government honest, as honesty is only a perception - rhetorically.

"Honestly I'm lying" - that's is the truth about politician.

To me:
Personally I think, Wikileaks is focusing more about the U-SAmiri-can Policies, but again some stupid people in the far-east already accidentally or perhaps eagerly wanting to fall into a trapping trap.

Battle of Paschendale 1917


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