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Khamis, Oktober 28, 2010

Nu People of Yunnan - Kill the goat!

This video was extracted from Yunnan (Dabiya) an educational documentary for non-commercial purposes produced by CCTV.

The Nu people (Chinese: 怒族; pinyin: Nùzú) are one of the 56 ethnic groups recognized by the People's Republic of China. Their population of 27,000 is divided into the Northern, Central and Southern groups. Their homeland is a country of high mountains and deep ravines crossed by the Lancang, Dulong and Nujiang rivers. The name "Nu" comes from the fact that they were living near the Nujiang river, and the name of their ethnic group derives from there. (Nujiang is also called Nu river or Chinese: 怒江; pinyin: Nù Jiāng or Salween River.)
The Nu live mainly in Yunnan province. 90% of them are found in Gongshan, Fugong and Lanping counties in Yunnan Province, along with Lisu, Drung, Tibetan, Nakhi, Bai and Han. There is also a sparse distribution of Nu in Weixi County in the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Zayu County in Tibet Autonomous Region, particularly at the border between Yunnan and Tibet.
The Nu speak a language in the Tibeto-Burman family of languages. They do not have a written language of their own, although the Chinese government has helped them to develop a script based on the Latin alphabet - Wikipedia

*how do they think and react to conflict. how do they resolve it. will you think and react the same in such situation? what makes you think that you are so different? will you speak in the same manner albeit in your own language? remember this is a raw footage? - just scrutinise the words...by words.

the best one is : "ada ko nampak nama aku kat kepala kambing tu?"
the main question is: from your own perspective, knowledge and judgement, is it wrong to kill the goat?

Jika anda seorang sultan/mufti/hakim/pendeta yang arif/penghulu/panglima negeri/kweng atau seorang yang beragama Islam, dan perkara ini diadukan kepada anda, apakah yang akan anda lakukan?


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