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Selasa, Disember 01, 2009

Interview with: Herman Abdullah [tmp]

Interview with:
Herman Abdullah [tmp]


What is your specialty? What subjects do you deal with?
First of all, I am a FREEMAN in my own definition. I'm not bound to any political views, therefore bias is not my things - perhaps maybe a little. Depending on the situation and the research that I undertake.

In term of specialty, actually I am more into historical reality. Dealing with research, investigating and reviewing new facts to be brought forward to the society, especially about my nation.

To me, there are too many hidden story about my nation/country that need to be uncovered whereby most of them were shaped by the government own media and propaganda.

That's good to some extent - to the ruling party, but it is not fair to others who is living in the 'information supermarket'. Sooner or later they will find out so better let me the one who tell them about it. So to me it is about educating people about the history.

But it is not easy to break the 'belief system' that was been indoctrinated into the minds of the people, and that lies the challenge that Im willingly to tackle head on.

That's about it.

In which media do you presently work or have you worked?
I'm the owner of THE MALAY PRESS. It is registered as a blog and also a brand name. Thinking of making it available in hard copy - sometime in the future.

Please list a web address where where one can view an example of your work.
1. http://themalaypress.blogspot.com this is for my writing and 2. http://modmantfoto.blogspot.com is for me to release anything that I ve in mind esp. about photojournalism and my other interests.

What is "news"?
News is the story of the NORTH EAST WEST and SOUTH - anything that happens around you. It's only becoming a news if the story is tell to people and it must be 'new' to people and no longer news if people already knew it or nobody mentioning about it.

To you, what is objectivity?
1 a thing aimed at or sought; a goal : the system has achieved its objective.

What is the best headline you have ever read?
HITLER SHOT HIMSELF...was it really a headline?

What headline would you like to see printed one day in the newspaper?

Which paper do you buy on Sundays? Where do you read it?
Mingguan Malaysia. In my room where my kid is not allowed to enter.

Does freedom of expression end where the editorial line begins?
I agreed with:

Andi Bob [andibob]

"The freedom of expression, in Journalism, is influenced by the editor-in-chief's IQ and his education"

I do my own press because I dont want some other guys from different background ruin my works.

Do you feel that analytical and investigative journalism is being lost?
Not really because I am doing it. But maybe if the press is owned by political party, should never the journalists are allowed to investigate certain people.

With a camera on every mobile phone, is every citizen becoming a correspondent?
They can be, but they may not be able to go through the front page. Perhaps some photos for fun would be suffice.

How would you explain the boom of the tabloid press?
Tabloid, they just put whatever the want and sometimes they do plagiarism. There is not much responsible on their shoulder. So whatever sells they tell.

What is your position regarding the right to privacy of famous people?
Famous people can be celebs, politicians, religious leader and such. So journalists have to tackle different character at different angle. Some might ruins their job forever. So just be careful and be truth full. Don't paint lies on something which is not right. Respect their privacy if it got nothing to do with the news. But if it a fact can affect the majority then it is under your discretion.

What can you teach us about the art of the interview?
Let it flows.

Please list well-known people you have interviewed.
Mr Radzi Omar - ex national geographic photographer.
Mr Shafie Afdal - Minister of Culture and Heritage.
Mr Mustapha - a tea maker in Petaling Jaya.
Mr Tuan Hj Ishak Itam - the President of PSSCM
Mr Sallehudin - ex street fighter in the 70s.

Would you say the journalism blog is revolutionizing the profession?
Yes, depending on the contents and integrity of the blog.

Will the paper press disappear?
I hope not. Paper press is good for archive and museum need it.

What are your thoughts of the free papers distributed in cities?
I don't really buy newspaper nowadays and free newspaper is actually nothing much different with the selling one.

What is the book you would like to write?
The Malay Historical Reality - A Reflection.

Is there a motto or ethical principle that clarifies your decisions in moments of confusion?
Think critically, evaluate and discretion.

What advice would you give to someone who has just left university and wishes to start in the profession?
Read not just newspaper. Read your surrounding and make sure you know what you write and make sure you educate people with your writings.

© Herman Abdullah


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  2. salam TMP,

    Teruskan perjuangan anda, moga diberkati dan diredhai Allah.

    Dijemput bertandang ke teratak buruk saya, saya ada mengambil sedikit petikan dari artikel anda, mohon keizinan demi sebuah perjuangan!


  3. insyaAllah nanti TMP and team akan buat road show ..cari bahan sejarah sambil berkenalan dengan sahabat handai yang x pernah berjumpa tapi SEJIWA.

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    Apa pun...SALUTE!!

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