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Khamis, Julai 03, 2008

Scorpene Submarine- Satu Keperluan?

Scorpene in action - sila browse lain2 model kapal selam.

In June 2002 the Royal Malaysian Navy ordered two Scorpene submarines and to enter service in 2009.

With a maximum depth of 350 m, the Scorpene is able to achieve an average of 240 days at sea. The structure of the submarine allows for as many dives to maximum depth as necessary. Also the Scorpene allows for a greater load of fuel and ammunition. The planning and design of the Scorpene was directed towards achieving an extremely quiet vessel with a great detection capability and offensive power. By using advanced hydrodynamics with an albacore bow shape the Scorpene has low radiated noise reducing risk of detection from enemy sensors.

Able to carry out anti-submarine or anti-surface ship warfare operations, as well as special forces deployment in coastal waters, the Scorpene is manned by a 31 man crew. The vessel is equipped with all the necessary systems to provide vital supplies, water, provisions, regeneration of the atmosphere, to ensure the survival of all the crew for seven days.

Crew 31


Maximum Operating Depth 350m
Submerged Speed Over 20 kt
Range (at 8kt) 6,400nm
Endurance 50 days

Weapon Systems

Torpedoes / Missiles Six 21in torpedo tubes for 18 torpedoes / missiles

Sumber : Military Heat


Nota Penulis:

Bilala kita punya nak sampai Malaya ni? 2009 rasa macam lama sangat la pulak. Orang lain tak mau kapal selam tak pe le...Memangla tak boley lawan HUNTER KILLERS: Jimmy Carter 'Seawolf' SSN23 Class dan Russian 'Shark' Akula Class atau Kilo Class dan sebagainya, tapi sekurang-kurangnya kita dapat absorb teknologi tu. Patutnya kita mahu ada 4 ekor naga jenis Perdana Menteri Class ni. Nak jaga perairan la katakan...nanti bule duk diam2 dalam keladak lumpur Selat Melaka...macam belut da-sudden attack!


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