"Education aims at independence of judgement. Propaganda offers ready-made opinion for the unthinking herd."
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~ MOHAB (1 September 2014 - 17.07.2014 - 19 Ramadhan 1435)

Khamis, September 24, 2009

Independence of judgement.

"Education aims at independence of judgement. Propaganda offers ready-made opinion for the unthinking herd."

Perkataan yang penting disini adalah JUDGEMENT. Bukan saya ingin mengajar tuan-tuan untuk membuat penilaian, cuma ingin berkongsi sedikit maklumat tentang takrifan JUDGMENT dari sudut pandang omputih:


Judgment is the sum total who we are -- the combined product of our character, our personality, our instinct and our knowledge [our environment]. Because judgement involves more than knowledge, it isn't the same thing as education. You cannot learn judgement by taking a course, or by reading a book.

This is why some of the most highly educated people in the world have terrible judgment, and why some people who dropped out of school at the age of sixteen have superb judgment. After all, the most visible pattern in the world is that different people respond to the same circumstances in different ways.

Some people naturally sensible while others are naturally foolish. Some people enjoy taking risks, while others tend to be cautious. Now you can understand why two people, facing the same decision and armed with precisely the same information will make different choices.

As you reach your decision, you will be combining the knowledge you've gained from the information you've collected with YOUR OWN CHARACTER, YOUR OWN PERSONALITY, and YOUR OWN INSTINCTS. You cannot help but do this because you are a human being and not a machine.

Your judgment is who you are. There is little people can do to change their judgement. But if you are aware of WHO YOU ARE -- and if YOU HAVE WORKED HARD TO COLLECT INFORMATION and then turn this information into knowledge -- you will be more likely to make the decision that's right for you... -- Herbert E. Meyer

And this, of course what this blog and all its reflection is all about -- it is you to decide and the judgment is truly yours my friends.

"...and you decide for yourself the kind of life you wish to lead."

Fikir Dengan Kritis.


*walaubagaimana canggih pun Omputih menulis tetap tak boleh lawan kata TOK HIKAM yang memutuskan dengan ayat bahasa Melayu mudah:

"Ilmu tok guru, akal masing-masing..."


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Assalamu'alaikum wbt dan salam sejahtera. Selamat membaca.


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