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Rabu, Disember 08, 2010

Berita dari Langkat

The Sultanate of Langkat is one of the older states on the north-eastern seaboard of Sumatra. Although dating back to the pre-Islamic age, recorded history is available only from the seventeenth century.

The Royal house served as representatives or local rulers on behalf of the Sultan of Aceh until the early years of the nineteenth century. The arrival of the Europeans during the teens and twenties, and the weakening of Acehnese power in their wake, prompting the Rajas of Langkat to seek to establish their own independence. They threw in their lot with, and accepted the protection of the Sultans of Siak, then the dominant power on the east coast of Sumatra.

However, the Acehnese returned during the 1850's and attempted to regain control. The granting of grandiose titles to the local rulers and an administrative presence stemmed the tide for a period. Eventually, Acehnese power was no match for the Europeans. Langkat concluded a separate contract with the Dutch in 1869. They went one better than the Acehnese and recognised the Raja as Sultan in 1887.

Berjinak-jinak dahulu dengan lokasi Langkat dan apa-pun dengan kehendakNya nantikan berita dari Langkat dalam REALITI JANUARI 2011.


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